Darryl Chalmers is a professional drummer from Queens, NY, who has been playing drums for 31 years. Darryl has worked with several groups including The Bridge, First Circle Called, and Chosen. He is currently working with ufouria featuring outstanding musicians Clarence Haynes. John Purvis, Eric and Ron Richardson, Plays for Grace Gospel and Tabernacle Queens Ny, And also currently on tour playing for Leon and The People’s for acter and singer (Leon Robinson). Darryl has also performed on fox 5’s. The Bill McClary Report and appeared in television commercials featuring the based jazz fusion band, Axion with Mark Gatz, Greg Sam, Ron Conner and Ron Richardson. Darryl’s talent has earned him a Cable Tevivision appearance performing with the band Axiom on Willils Nelson’s Rangler Invitational contest in Dallas, Texas. Darryl states his influences are Collin Young. Adrian Grannum, Glenn (Chango) Everett, Omar Hakim, Camille Gainer, Dave Weckl, and Dennis Chambers. He also appreciates the great sounds of his ‘Medicine Man’ 4×13 piccolo snare drum, in a gloss mahogany finish, which Darryl describes as very crisp and clean that will cut through any music. Darryl also endorses for Stick Gripps and Medicine Man Drums Snare. Gear Yamaha Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Regal Tip 7A sticks, Stick Gripps and Medicine Man Custom Snare Drum