When people think of Monia Amore, the first thing that comes to some
is powerhouse soul voice, energetic stage presence, and consistent
vibrant entertainer. However, she is that, plus more. Born and raised in
Brooklyn, New York, a classically vocal trained graduate of the prestigious
LaGuardia High School of the Arts, her expectations in the music and entertainment
career were ripe to explore akin to previous alumni graduates like Eartha Kitt, Jennifer Aniston,
Wesley Snipes, Nicki Minaj and Al Pacinoto name a few.
Since initially being signed to Sony Records right after high school
with the 4-part girl group “Complexx”, where she wrote songs and sang lead,
she was definitely considered the stand out star.  After parting ways with Sony
to pursue her debut solo album, acting, and hosting, her dream was steadily revealing
itself to be a reality.
While working on her solo dealings, Monia became an accomplished singer,
singing backup for legendary artists including the 30th anniversary performance for the late Michael Jackson 
and the Jackson Five at Madison Square Garden,as well as appearing in a few off Broadway musicals at Carnegie Hall. Monia also starred and hosted “Video Rewind” a show that featured artists, actresses, designers, and artists, which landed her an endorsement billboard in NYC’s Times Square, a feature in Time Magazine for Microsoft and a lead role in a Black Planet commercial. She was also featured in one of Spike Lee’s projects called “Your Nobody till Somebody Kills You.”
In 2010, Monia Amore expanded her soulful vibes to dancing, international sounds.This led to her smash Dance single “Ocean Drive” that exploded on the scene and topped the European charts when she joined forces with DJ David Penn from Spain.
Monia released her first independent single “Nsecure”  featuring underground battle rapper “Murder Mook” in
2018, which made waves on major radio. She has also been featured on albums with Busta Rhymes known for
(“Put ya Hands Where My Eyes Could See”;”Touch It”) and Eric Sermon known for ( “You Gots to Chill”;” Music”).
She also currently sings Background vocals for celebrity actor Leon Robinson ( “The Five Heartbeats”; “The Temptations”)
in his band Leon & The Peoples.
Monia is excited about her current projects that are near and dear to her heart because this time she gets to do it independently. She plans to continue to write and feature in more songs and is slated to finish up her sophomore project being produced in New York City. (Moniaamore.com)
As many say, time will tell, and the time is now for Monia Amore.

Best Regards,